What Happens Next!

  1. Upgrade Membership, click this link to upgrade your membership.
    1. If players do not upgrade we can not add you to the CEVA roster.
    2. If a player are not on the CEVA team roster, they cannot practice or play in tournaments.
  2. All team start practicing the week of 12/1/2014
    1. We will post the schedule on your team page and the Club calendar.
    2. Always check the calendar before you go to practice.
  3. Fee’s, Team Agreements & Payments Agreements
    1. Go to your team page and download the Team Agreement.  You can mail it to PDX)))VB or turn in at your first practice.
    2. If you did not get a payment agreement email your coach for a copy, and turn in a signed copy (mail or first practice).
    3. Please mail or turn in all your fees at the first practice.