2013-2014 Teams

Below is a list of this year’s 15 PDX)))VB teams and their Coach(s).  Because of some naming convention issues, we had to make some changes to the team names.  We are truly sorry about any confusion it may cause.

  • PDX-VB U18-1-Black –Coached by Erin Cole & Assistant Coach Joe Ball
  • PDX-VB U18-2-Red -Coached by Joe Boken (Vancouver)
  • PDX-VB U18-3-White –Coached by Amanda Wiedeman
  • PDX-VB U17-1-Black –Coached by Andres Turvis
  • PDX-VB U16-1-Black –Coached by Brick Street & Assistant Coach Nicole Mays
  • PDX-VB U16-2-Red –Coached by Jaime Orr (Vancouver)
  • PDX-VB U16-3-White –Coached by Kaitie Swengel
  • PDX-VB U16-4-Blue –Coached by Mary Moore & Assistant Coach Margaret Dowling
  • PDX-VB U16-5-Purple –Coached by Ken Henry & Assistant Coach Brynelle Bremner
  • PDX-VB U14-1-Black –Coached by Cydni Anderson & Assistant Coach Skye Weadick
  • PDX-VB U14-2-Red –Coached by Tracy Klosterman & Assistant Coach Jangbu Sherpa
  • PDX-VB U14-3-White –Coached by Sakorya Campbell
  • PDX-VB U14-4-Blue –Coached by Staci Conner (Vancouver)
  • PDX-VB U12-1-Black –Coached by Ron Brown & Assistant Coach Cory Brown
  • PDX-VB U14-1-Boys –Coached by Doug Croze
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