Nike Team Gear

PDX)))VB Players we have created a “Team Shop” for Nike team gear.
Click this link to order and enter the Team Code: anders7WK
(offer expires 12/31/2014)

Elite-Sock      Knee-Pad      KO Pant

*      Elite Socks                      Knee Pads              KO Pant (matches jacket)
*          $10.00                            $16.00                                $40.00

Nike-Zoom      Preformance-Short      Pro-Bra

* Zoom VB Shoe            Performance Short               Pro Bra
*       $95.00                              $19.00                              $19.00

Skills Session

Come and join us for an hour and a half INTENSE training on one of the following skills set:  SETTING, HITTING & BLOCKING, PASSING & DEFENSE.  Each session is only $5.00 per player!!

Focus will be on proper footwork, technique, and repetitions that will help your training into becoming a more dynamic volleyball player.  We will introduce some SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) training drills that will help speed up footwork and improve overall conditioning of a volleyball athlete.  Whether your focus is increasing your vertical/speeding up your arm swing, becoming a more consistent and mobile setter, or being able to maintain a low defensive posture for defense and passing, the skills session will help you all!

There are two sessions being offered on Saturday, December 27th: note; only 30 athletes per session will be allowed

  •  Session I –  10:00 – 11:30 AM
  • Session II – 11:30 –   1:00 PM

Please email Coach Andres or Coach Dale to sign up.  They will be placing athletes of equal skill levels (NOT AGE) into the sessions.  Dividing athletes by skill levels helps us insure a more productive session for all involved.  Please use the following format to sign up for a skill session:

Name, Age, Team, Skills (in order of preference, pick 2) that you would like to sign up for, would you be interested in monthly training sessions?

What Happens Next!

  1. Upgrade Membership, click this link to upgrade your membership.
    1. If players do not upgrade we can not add you to the CEVA roster.
    2. If a player are not on the CEVA team roster, they cannot practice or play in tournaments.
  2. All team start practicing the week of 12/1/2014
    1. We will post the schedule on your team page and the Club calendar.
    2. Always check the calendar before you go to practice.
  3. Fee’s, Team Agreements & Payments Agreements
    1. Go to your team page and download the Team Agreement.  You can mail it to PDX)))VB or turn in at your first practice.
    2. If you did not get a payment agreement email your coach for a copy, and turn in a signed copy (mail or first practice).
    3. Please mail or turn in all your fees at the first practice.

Welcome u12 & u14 Players!

We want to welcome all players on the u12 & u14 teams.  We will be having team meetings the week of Monday 11/10/14 and practice will start the week of Monday 11/17/14 (some may start earlier).  We now have a complete coaching staff and have updated the team pages, staff page &  calendar.  You should have been contacted by your coach.

Remember to check the calendar for the most up to date schedule calender

Commitment Night moved to Robert Gray!

Because of limited space at St Andrews we are moving Commitment Night to Robert Gray Middle School (very close).

Tonight is Commitment Night.  PDX)))VB it happy to announce our (1) u12 & (4) u14 teams for 2014 -2015 Season.  All player that want to Play PDX)))VB need to be at Robert Gray at 6:00 PM.  Players need to be ready to play volleyball and wear their tryout t-shirt with number.  Players & Parents will be completing the CEVA commitment letter, PDX)))VB team and fee agreements and paying the commitment fee.

TEAMS:   u14-Black  *  u14-Red  *  u14-White  *  u14-Blue  *  u12-Black